Try BYU’s Buzzer-Beating Play

From BYU’s playbook


The Cougars ran this play in an overtime loss to Harvard early last season — try it in your program when you are desperate for a 3-pointer in the waning seconds.


Why use it


Every team needs its go-to plays when a game is on the line. This one forces the defenders to make a decision on whether to switch or stay on two different screens, which creates a potential open 3-pointer for your team.

The BYU men actually missed this shot in an early-season game against Harvard but the actions worked perfectly.

Set up

Your point guard is dribbling into the front court with 2 and 3 on opposite wings. 4 and 5 are stacked near the left block.

Try BYU’s Buzzer-Beating Play

How to play


1 dribbles left as 4 comes high to set a ball screen.


1 uses dribble penetration to force defensive attention below the 3-point line [1].

After setting the ball screen, 4 runs to the weak side and screens for 2. 2 curls around the screen and toward the top of the set.


1 kicks out a pass to 2.


5 relocates to the opposite block [2].

2 catches and shoots as 1 and 4 crash the glass with 5 already in a strong rebounding position [3].



Be sure 4 picks the best spot to set the weak-side screen for 2. You want 4 to be high enough to force 2’s defender to go under the screen but not too high where 2 is so far from the basket that the potential shot is out of his or her range.

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