Create A Last-Second Layup

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When you just need 2 points in the closing seconds to tie the game, you want actions to get the highest-percentage shot at the hoop when inbounding from the baseline.

Why use it

Now trailing Croatia by two with 1.8 seconds remaining, Spain ran the following
actions for a perfect layup opportunity at the buzzer.

The shot was blocked but the movements worked beautifully and have a place in your playbook.

Set up

3 has the ball on the baseline. 2 is standing near the hoop. 5 is on the ball-side elbow. 1 is positioned just to 5’s left. 4 is shifted slightly to the left of the top.

How to play

1 and 5 step toward 4 to set a double screen.

4 curls hard around the screen and comes toward the ball-side corner.

If 4 is a decent shooter, this causes the defensive attention to shift in this direction [1].

After setting the screen, 5 now curls into the lane and runs toward the hoop off a screen from 2 [3].

3 passes to 5. 5 shoots the quick layup before time expires (and hopefully before the defense shifts back to block it) [3].


The defense typically fronts 2 in the lane to start. This means when 2 comes high to screen for 5, 2’s defender is on the wrong side of the lane to provide help back on a cutting 5.

If 2 sets a strong screen on 5’s defender, then 5 has a clear path to the hoop.

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