0.3 On The Clock — Backdoor Score

There isn’t a lot you can do from a sideline out-of-bounds situation when only 0.3 seconds remain on the clock but take this play from Memphis and win your game.


When less than a second remains on the clock and you need a bucket while inbounding from the sideline, your options are limited. Dribbling, an extra pass and pump faking are not in play. You need a quick hitter.


Memphis ran this play to beat Sacramento earlier this NBA season with the eventual scorer, Courtney Lee, positioned near the weak block, farthest from the ball.


Use your screener at the free-throw line to create some dummy movement. He screens and frees a player coming toward the ball. A second player cuts hard to the ball-side block. The eventual shooter starts to come high [1]. The screener now moves low off a screen from the eventual shooter as they create a bit of congestion near the lane line. Both ball-side players space to the sideline [2]. The initial screener now sets a screen for the shooter, who cuts to the hoop, receives an alley-oop pass and scores before landing on the ground [3].


The shooter gives a half-step toward the top before coming hard off the screen for the pass at the hoop. This step tricks the defender and makes it easier to pick him off.

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