Box Backdoor Cut

Utilize your best player’s natural instincts and athleticism to exploit special situations for an extra basket or two during a game.

No. 5 Kansas trailed No. 4 Duke, 10-7, with 14:19 remaining in the first half of the teams’ early-season battle. The Jayhawks ran a simple box set to score an easy basket off an inbound play to get its superstar player, Andrew Wiggins, going offensively en route to a 22-point effort in the win.

With the ball under the basket, align your four players in a box set. Place your best player on the weak-side block (Wiggins is highlighted with the white circle) [1].

Both players in the post move high as the players at the elbows relocate to the closest corners. The inbound pass is made on the right side of the floor [2]. Instruct your superstar to fake coming higher into the set, but then plant, reverse direction and go hard toward the basket. As the defense shifts its focus to the perimeter players, this backdoor cut allows your star to come free. An over-the-top lob allows for an easy scoring opportunity [3].


Defenders tend to be a bit more lax in an out-of-bounds situation. Use this to gain a quick step toward the basket as the defensive focus is on the perimeter.

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