Ball Screen, Drive and Kick

Take another 3-point set out of Coach K’s playbook utilizing a high ball screen, dribble penetration and relocating to a shooting window.

Why use this out-of-bounds play

  • Duke’s offense sets up so many open 3-pointers because Blue Devil playersare patient and know if they execute the proper movements, they will be in position to shoot.

Set up

  • This play starts from a Horns set with 2 and 3 in the corners and the two big men, 4 and 5, at the elbows. 1 is dribbling at the top. The play can go to either side.

How to play like Kyrie

  • 5 pops high and receives a pass from 1.
  • 2 comes out of the ball-side corner and curls around 5.
  • 5 dribbles at 2 and tosses a pass back to 2 outside the 3-point line [1].
  • After passing, 5 then sets a ball screen for 2.
  • 2 uses it to attack the free-throw area. 5 rolls toward the hoop.
  • 4, who has moved low on the weak side, now is posting up.
  • 1 moves into an open shooting window and receives a pass from 2 [2].
  • 1 shoots in rhythm as 4 and 5 crash the boards [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this out-of-bounds play

Ball Screen, Drive and Kick

How to perfect the technique for this out-of-bounds play

  • So much attention is focused on 2 dribbling, 5 rolling and 4 posting up, which creates the open space for 1 on the perimeter.
  • An extra pass to 3 also yields an open shot if necessary.
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