Backscreen Sets Up Low-Post Score

From the playbook of Gregg Popovich

Run your best post player off a couple screens to free the interior for an easy scoring opportunity.

Why use it

This play places your best post-scoring threat deep on the block where the defense doesn’t have much of a chance to stop him or her.

Set up

The ball is inbounded on the right side. Position your best post player near the inbounder and set to receive the inbound pass. Two players are on the weak side with the final person set along the strong-side lane line.

Backscreen Sets Up Low-Post Score

How to play

The inbound pass is made to the post, who then hands off to the inbounder [1]. The inbounder dribbles left off a high screen. The post moves low off a screen and starts to gain separation from the defender [2]. A final screen is set by the weak-side block player moving into the lane and picking off any closing defenders. The pass is made to the post for an easy layup opportunity [3]. The two initial screeners space into open windows on the weak side, which creates more strong-side room and offers an alternative if the post pass isn’t available [3].


The key is the backside pick for the post to come hard toward the left block. This screen is the difference between a contested and uncontested layup.

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