Backdoor Pass Over Zone

Zone defenders tend to focus too much on the area to cover and not enough on the offensive players – have your superstar pick an opening and score a layup.

Surprisingly trailing by two points at home against Vermont with 3:20 remaining in the game, Duke’s Jabari Parker shreds the Catamounts’ zone defense by finding an opening.

As the point guard brings the ball up the court, have the best player (in this case, Jabari Parker is highlighted) survey the defense. If it’s zone, the star has an opportunity to exploit an opening without much notice.

This zone’s lower portion is playing a bit higher than normal. With the superstar filling the lane from the right side, the point guard passes to the left wing (which moves the defense to the left) as the right wing clears to the right corner [1]. Your best player now sneaks behind the back of the zone as the defenders are too focused on their areas of responsibility. A high ball screen causes the defense to come even higher than before [2]. As the defenders come high, the ball handler fires an over-the-top pass to the superstar at the rim [3].


The backside defender doesn’t have a chance. If he over-commits to the star in the lane, then the corner is open for a 3-point attempt.

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