Backdoor Fake, Ball Screen & Roll

The first option is to hit the backdoor cutter but if it’s not available, have the screener come higher and execute the two-man game from the top

Fake a backdoor cut to get a defense moving one way before attacking open gaps.

The point guard is high at the top with the remaining teammates positioned at the free-throw line or below.

The player at the left elbow moves low to screen for the player coming off the left block. A pass is made in the left slot. The player in the lane relocates to the left corner with the right-elbow player shifting low [1]. The screener establishes post position. The player on the right block comes high and sets a screen sending the point guard on a backdoor cut to the hoop. If  the point is open, make the pass for the layup [2]. After setting the high, off-the-ball screen, the player now comes across to set a ball screen to play the two-man game at the top of the set. This frees the ball handler to drive to the basket on the right-hand side with the screener rolling. The players in the corners relocate to the open shooting windows [3].

Offensive basketball play

The point guard needs to sell the backdoor cut to push the defense away from the action at the top. Plus, if he’s open, then you have an easy scoring opportunity.

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