Backdoor Alley-Oop

The scorer starts in the corner, comes high, receives a pass, dribbles left, passes, receives a backdoor screen and has an open opportunity at the basket

Defenses tend to lean into passing lanes more now and look for deflections while disrupting perimeter offenses. Using a well-timed backdoor screen and cut beats this kind of defense.

Four players are located outside the 3-point arc. The player in the right corner is the one who is going to score on a backdoor lob pass.

The person you want to score moves from the right corner to the wing and receives a pass from the point guard. The post relocates to the strong side while the other player at the top moves to the left elbow [1]. The scorer dribbles left and fires a pass across the top to a player coming off a screen. The scorer then cuts hard toward the hoop coming off a backscreen from the post player. The point guard begins to relocate to the right corner [2]. On the catch the new ball handler looks toward the rim and tosses a high pass over the defense to the scorer for an easy layup chance [3].

Alley-oop Play

While this play resulted in a game-changing dunk when Illinois ran it against Indiana last month, all you need is a player who runs hard toward the hoop off a backscreen.

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