Attack Baseline With Dribble, Pass To Opposite Corner

Start the action with a pass to the left, then use ball reversal and dribble penetration to attack the right-side baseline before zipping a cross-court pass to the left corner.

Run this set to create an open corner 3-pointer. 

The point guard has the ball on the right wing with 2 on the left wing. 4 is at the left elbow. 3 is deeper on the right wing and 5 is on the left block.

1 passes to 2 on the left wing. 1 and 3 exchange spots with 3 moving high and 1 shifting lower into the set yet still outside the 3-point line [diagram 1].

2 reverses the ball by passing to 3. 3 passes to 1. 4 and 5 remain their spots [diagram 2].

1 now attacks the baseline with the dribble. 5 comes across the court and sets a ball screen for 1 so 1 comes free just inside the right corner. 4 steps to the middle of the floor and screens for 3. 3 uses the screen to move all the way to the left corner. 1 passes across the baseline to 3 for the open jumper [diagram 3]. 

This can be a tough pass for 1, so be sure 1 has the ability to zip the pass without it hitting the hoop or forcing 3 to step on the baseline to catch it. If there is no help defense along the baseline, 1 also has the option to dribble and score at the hoop.

    1. This movement by 1 and 3 allows 3 to step into the pass from 2 and shifts defenders around so they can’t just sit in passing lanes

    2. Use ball reversal to move the attention to the right side, which eventually is setting up 3 moving to the opposite corner
    3. 1 catches the ball and is ready to attack the baseline with the dribble

    4. 1 uses 5 ball screen and penetrates deep into the set just near the baseline
    5. No one expects the ball to go across the court to 3 in the opposite corner — if 1 makes a good pass then 3 has an open jumper

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