Attack baseline, cut to hoop

From the West Virginia playbook.

The low defender simply cannot cover the entire baseline, so take advantage of this – shift the ball, get it to the short corner and send a cutter to the hoop

Why use it

Tied with Baylor at 15-15, West Virginia ran these movements to attack the bottom of the 1-3-1 where there simply aren’t enough defenders to guard against a short-corner pass and another player’s cut to the hoop.

Set up

The offense also is in a 1-3-1 look with the center in the middle and the power forward is on the left block, but these post positions are interchangeable and those players need to know each other’s responsibilities.

How to play

1 passes to 3 on the left wing. 4 steps toward the left corner. 5 dives to the left block as 2 replaces 5 in the middle. 1 shifts to the weak-side wing [1]. 3 now dribbles right, which means 5 sprints to the right corner and 4 cuts to the middle of the lane. 2 dives to the right block as 1 steps high to receive a pass [2]. 1 catches the pass, takes a couple dribbles left and returns the ball to 3. 2 runs the baseline to the right short corner. 4 moves out of the lane on the left side. 3 passes to 2. 4 dives to the hoop, receives a pass from 2 and scores at the rim [3].


The movement to the right off 3’s dribble shifts the defense enough to make it easier to eventually attack the leftside short corner. There is no defender low enough to contend with 4 as 4 cuts to the hoop.

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