Arizona Screen-and-Roll Play

The defense thinks this is a screen-and-roll from the right side but a couple extra layers allows your players to attack from the left and score.

Why use this screen-and-roll play

  • Initial screen-and-roll action forces the defense to make a decision and once the ball moves left, your offense has an advantage.

Set up

  • Same set up as previous play with the ball on the left.
  • Watch the bigs in this set. They both set ball screens and do so by coming diagonally from the block.

How to play

  • 1 passes across the set to 3.
  • 4 sets a downscreen for 2, who comes free on the right wing.
  • 3 passes to 2. 5 starts moving high [1].
  • 5 comes higher and sets a ball screen for 2.
  • 5 rolls to the hoop as 2 attacks with the dribble. 3 shifts to the weak wing.
  • 2 passes across to 3 [2].
  • 1, who had moved to the corner, comes high and receives a pass from 3. 3 clears through the lane.
  • 4 moves high and sets a ball screen for 1.
  • 1 attacks the middle.
  • 4 rolls.
  • 1 passes to 4 for the easy score [3].

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this screen-and-roll play

Arizona Screen-and-Roll Play

How to perfect the technique for this play

  • 4 sets a ball screen for 1 in the play’s final stages to open the passing lane for 1 to find 5.
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