Screener Curls High, Has Open 3

The movements of this set shift the defense enough to bring your shooter to the top for a 3-point attempt after setting a screen along the baseline.


The actions only take a few seconds to execute and this play easily can be run when there is precious little time left on the clock. Plus, it buries your shooter deep along the baseline and seemingly out of the play before surprising the defense with a high curl.


Your point guard (1) is inbounding from the side. Place your shooter (2) on the ball side between mid-court and the 3-point line. Place two players at opposite elbows (3 and 5) with the final player in the far corner (4).


5 steps high to screen for 2 and 2 dives low. 1 throws the inbound pass to 5 stepping outside the 3-point line [1]. After throwing the pass, 1 cuts low and runs off a screen set by 2. 1 is running through the lane along the baseline. 5 passes to 3 at the opposite elbow [2]. After the pass, 5 now cuts low and screens for 2, who is curling toward the top. 1 continues running through the lane and to the opposite elbow. 3 passes to 2 for the open shot [3].


1. 2 is your shooter and runs off a 5 screen to start the actions, which shifts some of the defensive attention away from where the ball eventually is going to be passed


2. This screen allows 1 to run free through the lane as a possible second scoring option and potentially sends defensive attention toward 1 (and away from 2)
3. This pass shifts the defense and allows 5 now to move low and set the final screen for the shooter


4. The key to the play is 5 sealing the defenders and giving 2 enough time to get to the top for the shot
5. Don’t forget about 1 coming to the right wing, especially if the defense cheats toward the middle of the floor


This is a play the Toronto Raptors have run this season and the effectiveness comes from 5’s ability to seal the defenders low as 2 races high before defensive recovery can be made. If the defense cheats toward the top, you may have 1 on the new ball side of the floor for a shot.

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