Perimeter Passing Sets Up Curling 3

Run your point guard off a pair of screens so it appears that player is the intended shooter but an extra pass as the shooter elevates from the corner gives you an open 3.


This is another one of those plays where there is constant movement and motion as players pass, cut, run off screens and keep defenders on their toes before the final dagger of an extra perimeter pass leads to a wide-open 3-pointer. 


1 has the ball shifted to the right side of the set. 4 is on the left side on the perimeter. 3 is on the left wing. 2 is in the right corner. 5 is near the right block.


1 passes across to 4 to start the actions. 5 then steps high and screens for 1, who is cutting backdoor [1]. 5 now pops to the perimeter. 4 passes to 5. 4 then immediately diagonally cuts through the lane to set a screen for 1. 1 curls around the screen on the opposite side of the floor toward the perimeter. 5 passes to 1 [2] After the pass, 5 moves toward the corner and screens for 2. 2 elevates toward the wing. 1 passes to 2 for the shot [3]. 


1. If for some reason the defense decides it wants to protect against your perimeter play and allows 1 to get free off this first screen, you always can throw the lob (but that’s typically not your best option)


2. This is part of the constant motion of this play as whenever someone passes, they are either setting a screen or running off one to keep the defense moving
3. 5 sets the initial screen, then pops to the perimeter with ready hands for a pass from 4 — you need 5 to be strong with the ball


4. All eyes are on 1 as 1 curls through the lane and catches what appears to be the pass that leads into a shot, but 1 makes the extra pass across to 2
5. 2 elevates off the screen and should be alone for the open jumper — 2 also can take a quick look to attack the hoop if there are no defenders in his or her way


It initially appears the play is for 1 but the extra pass to 2 elevating should generate a 3-point shot. If not, 2 looks back across for 1, who is moving to the left wing off a screen from 4. 3 also is crossing along the baseline and may be open for an inside pass.

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