3 Point plays

High-post entry has backdoor option

High-post entry has backdoor option

in 3 Point plays

From Pat Fitterer, Washington State Basketball Coaches Hall of Famer. A pass to the high post on the right leads to a possible backdoor layup on the catch or let the actions develop and create an open 3-point shot on the left wing. Why use it This play offers a quick backdoor option and if... MORE

Fake handoff, kickout for 3

Fake handoff, kickout for 3

in 3 Point plays

From Roger DeBoer, a state-champion coach at Lynden Christian High Washington. Engage the defense with a dribble entry, then attack the opposite side by executing a fake handoff and running the shooter off a screen to come free for a 3-pointer. Why use it This play shifts the defense to the right before attacking the... MORE

Golden State's "Elevator" creates top 3

Golden State’s “Elevator” play creates top 3

in 3 Point plays

From the Golden State Warriors playbook The ball handler initiates action with a pass, moves to the corner, comes off a screen into the lane and sprints up the middle toward the top off a pair of screens for an open shot. Why use it The constant action, passing and screening in this play makes... MORE

Double screen produces wing 3-pointer

Jay Wright’s Double screen produces wing 3-pointer

in 3 Point plays

From Jay Wright’s Villanova playbook Weak-side action slows the defense just enough to set up an oncoming double screen for your shooter who curls around the perimeter, comes free on the wing and hits the open jumper. Why use it It’s a great play when you want to create an open 3-pointer off a special... MORE

High ball screen plays

Double Screen Leads To 3-Pointer

in 3 Point plays, Basketball plays

The high ball screener executes the initial action, then moves low to join a double screen in freeing a shooter coming to the weak-side wing WHY USE IT Starting low, move both of your better shooters toward the perimeter when you need a 3-pointer. A weak-side double screen creates the separation your shooter needs. SET UP The point guard (1) has... MORE

Game-winning play

Flare Screen Frees 3-Point Shooter

in 3 Point plays

When time is running out, run this play requiring a high flare screen, a cross-court pass and a shot taken in rhythm before the defense recovers WHY USE IT This is the perfect play to run with three seconds or fewer remaining on the clock and when you desperately need an open 3-pointer. SET UP The point guard (1) takes... MORE


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