High-post entry has backdoor option

From Pat Fitterer, Washington State Basketball Coaches Hall of Famer.

A pass to the high post on the right leads to a possible backdoor layup on the catch or let the actions develop and create an open 3-point shot on the left wing.

Why use it

This play offers a quick backdoor option and if it’s not available, then a decoy curler through the lane setting up a weakside 3-pointer on the wing. There’s a little bit of everything in here so the defense never has a chance to guess what’s coming.

Set up

Start in a low double stack with the forwards closer to the baseline on both sides of the lane. The guards are directly in front of them. 1 has the ball at the top.

How to play

2 and 3 move toward the ball, then pop to their respective wings. 4 and 5 move to the elbows. 1 throws an entry pass to 5 [1]. On 5’s catch, 3 immediately cuts backdoor hoping to get his or her defender off-guard. 5 passes to 3 if open. If not, 3 continues through the lane. 4 screens for 2. 2 curls through the lane and looks at 5 for a potential pass (this is a decoy). As 5 looks at 2, 4 moves low and screens for 3. 3 comes free on the opposite wing. 1 relocates to the right wing for spacing [2]. 2 cuts through the lane. 5 passes across to 3 for the open shot [3].


5 must be a good passer. Don’t run this set with the wrong personnel because the backdoor pass from 5 to 3 is a tricky one.

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