Handoff Eventually Hits For 3-Pointer

The player who secures the initial pass to start the offense hands off to the passer, then dives low, comes off a pair of screens and emerges near the top for an open 3.


This is a simple set that uses just enough movement and screening to open up an opportunity at the top of the set for one of your best shooters.


Your guards are on opposite wings. Your posts are on opposite blocks and your point guard has the ball at the top of the set. Player 3 is going to be your shooter.


1 dribbles toward 3 as 3 comes toward the ball. 1 passes to 3, then runs toward the ball to the outside of 3. 5 cuts into the lane, then comes toward the ball side in the lane as 2 steps low, then cuts through the lane, so you now have four players on the left side of the floor [1]. 3 hands off to 1, then 3 clears low through the lane off screens for 5 and 2. 4 cuts to the ball-side block [2]. 5 and 2 now turn and look to set two more screens for 3, this time allowing 3 to come free curling toward the top. 1 makes the pass to 3 for the open jumper [3].


1. You want 3 to come toward the ball and 1 to dribble toward 3, so this pass isn’t too long to execute and the handoff then happens quickly after the initial pass
2. 2 and 5 hold the key to the play as they come toward the ball side at first before setting up to set multiple screens for 3


3. Have 4 come hard toward the block and call for the ball as this play easily could go to 4, which forces the defense to focus low


4. 5 and 2 now pick off the final defenders attempting to stay with 3 as 3 curls to the top — you don’t have 3 to go too wide on the right side as you don’t want to provide the defense more time to recover
5. 1 makes the pass to 3, who catches and shoots in rhythm before any defenders have the opportunity to close out


When 4 cuts hard to the left-side block, this is some good fake action to draw defensive attention away from the top. If the defenders start to cheat toward 3 at the top to close out on the jumper, 5 or 2 may be available near the hoop for an easy pass, catch and layup as a second option.

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