Fake handoff, kickout for 3

From Roger DeBoer, a state-champion coach at Lynden Christian High Washington.

Engage the defense with a dribble entry, then attack the opposite side by executing a fake handoff and running the shooter off a screen to come free for a 3-pointer.

Why use it

This play shifts the defense to the right before attacking the left. It forces defenders low, then makes a wall in which they cannot penetrate as a shooter comes free on the perimeter.

Set up

Have your forwards set up along opposite lane lines below the elbows. A guard is on the right wing. Your shooter is on the left block as the point guard dribbles at the top of the set.

How to play

1 takes a few hard dribbles to the right and engages that side of the floor with his or her eyes. This means 1 exaggerates eye expressions to make the defenders think the ball is staying on this side of the floor. 5 and 4 elevate to the elbows. 1 bounces a pass across to 5 at the left elbow [1]. 1 then follows the pass and appears to be circling around 5 for a handoff. 5 fakes the handoff to 1. 2 starts to move high from the baseline [2]. 1 screens for 2. Defenders guarding 1, 2 and 5 are trapped below the freethrow line. 2 curls around the screen and receives a kickout from 5. 2 nails the shot as 4 crashes the boards [3].


1’s defender usually goes underneath the fake handoff, which leaves the left side of the perimeter open. 4 also dives toward the hoop if 4’s defender gets lazy, which creates a backdoor scoring opportunity on a pass from 5.

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