Jay Wright’s Double screen produces wing 3-pointer

From Jay Wright’s Villanova playbook

Weak-side action slows the defense just enough to set up an oncoming double screen for your shooter who curls around the perimeter, comes free on the wing and hits the open jumper.

Why use it

It’s a great play when you want to create an open 3-pointer off a special situation.

Set up

Your shooter is on the weakside block and is the only player near the baseline. Stack a pair of players on the ball-side wing. The final player is at the weak-side elbow.

Double screen produces wing 3-pointer

How to play

1 steps toward 4 and sets up as if he or she is setting a screen. 4 takes a step low to draw defensive attention to the screen. 3 and 5 begin to come across the set [1]. 4 doesn’t use the screen and shifts direction to step high outside the perimeter. 1 then curls toward the middle of the set coming off 3 and 5’s double screen [2]. 4 raises his or her hands calling for the ball to force some focus in that direction. 1 continues to curl to the ball-side wing. 2 passes to 1 for the open shot [3].


As 1 moves into the shooting position, 5 dives toward the hoop and 3 clears to the opposite wing. This places 5 in good rebounding position. Having 3 step to the opposite wing forces 3’s defender to stay on that side of the floor.

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