Double Low Screen Frees Shooter

From University of Miami


After receiving the initial pass, the shooter relocates to the opposite block, only to come to the perimeter off a pair of screens for an open 3-point shot.


Why use it


Starting with five players above the free-throw line leaves a lot of room to operate closer to the basket once your actions get going. This sets up the double screen and creates a wide-open 3-pointer.


Set up


All five players are above the free-throw line with your point guard with the ball on the right side. 4 is on the left side opposite 1. 2 and 3 are on opposite wings, lower than 4 and 1. 5 is stationed in the middle of the floor.

Double Low Screen Frees Shooter

How to play


1 passes across to 4, then runs off a screen set by 5.


1 moves to the left-block area.

4 then swings the ball to 2 and runs off a screen from 5 to relocate near the right block [1].


After setting the two screens, 5 pops high and receives a pass from 2.

3 steps low and gives the look as if he or she is going to screen for 4. 2 and 1 move low as they are going to screen for 4 [2].


1 and 2 set the double low screen.


4 runs off both screens and comes free on the left wing.

5 passes to 4. 4 shoots as there are no defenders in the area to close out [3].




After moving to the right block, have 4 stand there and appear not part of the upcoming actions. This shifts the defensive focus elsewhere and makes the double screen even more effective.