Attack, attack & kick for 3

One of the best ways to beat a zone is to use dribble penetration to attack, which causes the defense to collapse and frees shooters moving into open shooting windows


Why use it


There is no better team in women’s basketball year-in, year-out than the University of Connecticut. The Huskies put on a clinic on how to beat a zone defense in the national semifinals vs. Oregon

State this past season. UConn ran this play leading 20-8 and pushing the ball up the floor before the Beavers’ zone had a chance to set.

Set up

The point guard is dribbling on the right side with both guards near opposite corners.

Your power forward is at the ball-side elbow and the center is trailing the play as you attack off transition.


Attack, attack & kick for 3

How to play


4 comes high and sets a ball screen for 1.


1 uses the screen and attacks the outside of the lane.


4 rolls but only to the 3-point line.


2 shifts lower to the corner.


1 skips a pass across to 2 [1].


As Oregon State closes out, 2 now uses a ball fake and attacks the lane off the dribble.


1 circles through toward the left corner. 5 moves lower to the free-throw line [2].


The defense collapses on 2, so 2 kicks out a pass to the uncovered 4.


4 catches, shoots and scores before the defense closes out [3].



There are so many options off this play. 1 has the initial option to go to the hoop. 2 can shoot from the corner if open or take the ball to the hoop if there is an open lane rather than throwing the kick-out pass to 4.

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