2 screens, 2 Options to score

A low screen and curl to the perimeter from the corner works so well, you should try it twice to keep the defense guessing and set up a 3-pointer or the screener rolling to the hoop.


Why use it


A low screen with a pop to the wing is nothing new but defenses aren’t expecting to see the same two players execute the actions back-to-back. This play allows the defense to think it’s done its job but you’ve simply set them up for a second round of movements.

Set up

Your point guard is on the left side of the floor with the ball. 2 is in the ballside corner. 4 starts on the ball-side block. 5 is at the weak elbow and 3 is on the weak wing.

2 screens 2 Options to score

How to play


4 flashes high to the elbow.


5 clears to the right corner.


3 is ready to catch a potential pass.


1 enters the ball to 4 [1].


After the pass, 1 moves low to the ball side and screens for 2.

2 pops high and 4 passes to 2.


2 then returns the pass to 4 [2].


2 now moves low again and screens for 1.

1 now comes high and may be open for a 3-pointer or 4 looks for 2 heading toward the hoop [3].



The quick pass back to 4 from 2 after 2 receives one from 4 causes the defenders to look back to the elbow, which sets up 2’s low screen of 1’s defender.


If the defense switches, 2 cuts hard to the hoop and should be open for a layup opportunity.

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