2 Low Double Screens Set Up Shot

From John Calipari, head coach University of Kentucky

Your shooter covers a lot of ground and ends up almost where he/she started but is wide open for a perfect catch-and-shoot opportunity from behind the arc.

Why use it

Watch any team on film and you see them run a shooter off a couple backside screens to come from on the opposite wing. This play starts with that action, then shifts gears by running the shooter back from he/ she started, which forces the defense out of position.

Set up

The shooter (2) starts on the strong-side corner with 4 and 5 on opposite blocks. 3 has the ball at the top with 1 on the right wing.

2 Low Double Screens Set Up Shot

How to play

3 passes to 1. 1 dribbles toward 3 as 3 relocates to 1’s spot. 2 runs baseline and comes off screens from 5 and 4. 1 dribbles across the top and passes to 2 coming free on the opposite side [1]. 1 then sets an off-ball screen for 3. 3 curls around and receives a pass from 2. After the pass, 2 runs the baseline again coming off screens from 4 and 5 [2]. 2 continues moving back to the right side as 3 dribbles to the top. After setting the final screen, 5 flashes high, then cuts back low. 1 clears space to the left. 2 catches a pass from 3 and shoots in rhythm [3].


You want the defenders to believe 2 is shooting on the initial baseline run and pass catch on the left side. Once 2 passes to 3 coming off 1’s screen, the defensive attention shifts off 2, which allows 2 to run off the second set of screens and come free on the right side.

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