2 Handoffs Set Up Backside Cut

There is a lot happening in this set but the extra actions add to the defense’s confusion, which eventually leads to a perfect backside screen and curl for a layup.

There are a lot of movements here, but if you have a patient team willing to work for the best shot possible, then add this one to your playbook. 

1 has the ball on the right wing near mid-court as 3 is on the opposite side. 5 is at the ball-side elbow. 2 is on the ball-side wing with 4 on the weak-side wing closer to the corner.  

1 dribbles at 2. 2 steps high and takes a handoff from 1. 4 relocates higher on the weak wing and receives a cross-court pass from 2. 3 relocates to where 4 originated and receives a pass from 4 [diagram 1].

5 screens for 2. 2 runs backdoor. 5 then screens across for 4 as 4 shifts from left to right wing. 5 pops to the left wing and receives a pass from 3. 5 then passes across to 4. 4 dribbles at 1 [diagram 2].

1 takes a handoff from 4. 1 now dribbles toward the top. As 1 is dribbling, 5 moves across the set again. 1 passes across to 3. 5 sets the backside screen for 4. 4 curls into the lane and receives a leading pass from 3 for a shot at the hoop [diagram 3].

Make sure 3 knows to lead 4. A bad pass behind 4 and the defense stops this play.

    1. 4 needs to come high enough where it’s a manageable pass from 2 to 4, while keeping in mind 4 needs to make a pass to 3 as 3 relocates toward the corner

    2. 2 may be open on the backdoor cut off 5’s screen — 3 can make this pass but only if 2 is uncovered
    3. 5 sets a bunch of screens in this set, so be sure this player is up to the task of holding his or her ground

    4. Here is the key to the play — 5 picks off 4’s defender, allowing 4 to curl into the lane
    5. 4 curls to get into a position to shoot a clean layup and 3 throws a leading pass so 4 doesn’t have to adjust his or her curl

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