‘2 Down’ Creates Multiple Chances

Use one player to screen twice – once to make space for a corner 3-pointer and a second time giving a forward a short jumper opportunity

Zone defenses don’t respond well to screens. Use a low screen in two different spots for multiple scoring opportunities.

The best post screener is positioned on the left block. Your best shooter is on the right wing.

The point passes to the right wing, who passes right back then the point reverses the ball with a pass to the left wing. The post players move to the short corners [1]. The shooter runs the baseline to the opposite corner off a screen from the left-side post. The ball handler penetrates toward the elbow then kicks out a pass to the point [2]. The point passes to the shooter in the corner. The shot is taken if open. If not, then the right-side post comes hard off a low screen and sits in an open spot along the lane line for a short-jumper chance [3].

Timing is critical. As soon as the left wing receives the pass, she or he penetrates to the elbow. You also don’t want the shooter waiting too long for the skip pass in the corner, so repeatedly work on the timing in practice.

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