1-4 Low Frees Corner Cutter

As the ball moves around the perimeter and other screens are set, the original ball-side corner runs off a weak-side screen to come free through the lane for an easy scoring opportunity.

Running your two inside players in a 1-4 Low look to the perimeter from a baseline out-of-bounds situation spreads the coverage area and the focus of the defense. Additional ball movement on the perimeter allows for a late screen to move a forward into a perfect spot to receive an entry pass near the hoop.

Start in a 1-4 Low. Have your point guard inbound the ball. Place a guard just in front of the ball with your center on the weak-side block. A forward with good hands who has the ability to catch and score is in the near-side corner.

2 steps into the lane and screens across for 5. 5 cuts diagonally to the perimeter and receives an inbound pass from 1. 2 then pops to the right wing [diagram 1].

5 passes to 2 on the right wing. 1 steps into play and screens for 4 [diagram 2].

4 continues to cut across the set off 1’s screen. After setting the screen, 1 looks to relocate to the perimeter off a downscreen from 5. 2 passes to 4 cutting across the lane for the easy scoring opportunity [diagram 3].

If the defense collapses or doesn’t cover the perimeter as you anticipate, a second option is 1 coming off the 5 downscreen for a potential 3-pointer (or mid-range jumper) on the left side.

    1. Move both inside players toward the perimeter to pull attention away from the hoop and keep the corner defenders looking toward the top

    2. After making the initial pass, 1 steps into play to screen for 4 — 4 runs off 1’s left shoulder
    3. This perimeter pass creates a better post-entry angle for 2 eventually to pass to 4

    4. 4 continues cutting hard across the lane with ready hands to catch a pass and score quickly before 3’s defender drops to stop the layup
    5. Don’t forget about 1 popping to the wing off 5’s screen in case 4 is covered on the interior

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