1-4 High leads to lob

From Wes Kosel, assistant coach at Colorado College in Colorado Springs.

This quick hitter relies upon right-side action to draw defensive attention, then uses the left-side advantage by sending a forward to the rim for a catch and score on a lob pass.

Why use it

Starting in a 1-4 High against a man defense pulls all defenders away from the rim. Use this extra space to your advantage by creating a distraction on the perimeter, then attacking the hoop before the defense recovers.

Set up

From a 1-4 High with your guards outside the 3-point line and the forwards at the elbows, your point guard is dribbling at the top of the set.

1-4 High leads to lob

How to play

1 dribbles right to start the action, which signals to 2 to pull his or her defender low and inside the 3-point line [1]. This movement by 2 sets up the defender to be screened. 5 shifts over and picks off 2’s defender with 1 dribbling on the right side. This draws a good deal of defensive attention to the right and even causes 4’s defender to cheat toward the middle. 4 spins and makes a quit cut to the basket as 1 tosses a lob pass toward the rim [2]. 4 catches the ball and scores before any defenders recover [3].


2 comes off the screen and sells that he or she is getting the ball. 5 rolls to the hoop to complete the decoy action and if the defense sniffs out the backside lob, 5 may be open on the roll.

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