Warm Up With The 4 Corner Drill

Ditch stationary passing and get players on the move by having them pass, cut, catch and pass again to keep the action moving

Use this drill at the start of practice to get players hustling, moving and ready for the energy you expect rather than simply soft tossing passes back and forth.

Use half the court and place a player in each corner with one (in this case, it’s player 1) holding a ball.

1 passes to 2 and runs a diagonal cut. 2 passes back to 1. 1 catches the ball and fires a pass across to 3 [1]. 1 joins 2’s line. 2 cuts to the middle after passing back to 1. 3 passes to 2. 2 catches the ball and fires a pass across to 4. 5 moves into play where 1 originated [2]. 2 joins 3’s line. 3 cuts to the basket. 4 passes to 3 and follows the pass. 3 shoots the layup, then joins 4’s line. 4 rebounds and outlets to the starting line, then 4 joins the starting line [3].


This drill can be confusing for younger players at first but stress the simple concept of pass, catch and pass again. It may take a couple run throughs but players should get used to passing, cutting, catching and passing across the set. Once they get it, this drill has a quick, fluid pattern to it.

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