‘Viking’ Gets The Post More Involved

Pull the big defender away from the hoop and take advantage of the mismatches this creates with pick-and-roll action after ball reversal.

You’re still working with a lack of size, so this play works well to pull larger defenders away from the basket. It also forces the defense to guard multiple off-ball screens and with enough patience leads to high-percentage scoring opportunities. This set also allows for 5 to get the ball in his/her hands more often to keep that player engaged.

1 is dribbling into the front court with 5 on the ball-side post. 3 and 4 on the opposite wing (4 is the “top” player) and 2 on the right wing spaced between the free throw and baseline just as in Zag.

1 dribbles into the front court as 4 sets a downscreen for 3 [diagram 1].

1 swings the ball to 3. 5 sets a flex screen for 2, who cuts into the lane showing his/her hands. 3 only makes this pass if 2 is wide open. 1 screens down for 5, who curls toward the elbow or cuts to the perimeter [diagram 2].

3 passes to 5. 2 sets a flex screen for 4, who cuts into the lane showing hands. 3 screens down for 2, who curls toward the elbow or cuts to the perimeter. 3 opens for ball reversal. 5 can pass to 2 to continue flex action or to 1 for pick-and-roll action [diagram 3].

The 4-out spacing allows for efficient transition into Zag if the flex motion falls apart, which also catches the defense off-guard in mid-possession.

    1. 1 dribbles into the action to allow time for 4 to screen down for 3 and to keep 1’s defender occupied

    2. 2 cuts through the lane and looks for the ball — but this pass only is made if 2 isn’t being guarded by anyone
    3. 5 comes high pulling his/her defender away from the basket and sets up for ball reversal from 3

    4. 2 comes high and if 2 catches the pass, the flex action continues as 3 relocates to the lower wing
    5. 5 passes to 1, then follows with a ball screen and roll toward the hoop ready to catch a pass if 5’s defender is trailing

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