“Go Drill” works strength, ball protection

From Jared Curtiss, West Linn High, Oregon

Give your post players extra reps in establishing position, beating double teams, attacking the middle and scoring in the lane.

Why use it

To help forwards and centers build their post skills, this drill simulates the speed of how a defense double-teams and what is required to hold their ground and eventually score. I watched Jared Curtiss’ Tualatin High (Ore.) girls squad run through these actions at a practice.

Set up

You have the ball on the right wing. One defender guards you with hands high. An offensive post establishes position near the right block with a defender on his or her back. A waiting player stands at the top.

How to play

You make a post entry pass to the offensive player. On the pass, the on-ball defender drops low to double-team the post [1]. The offensive player now has to deal with two defenders. The player uses a pivot foot to move and protect the ball while strongly holding the ball so the defenders cannot steal it. Eventually, you yell, “Go!” and the perimeter defender moves back toward you. Now, the posts play 1-on-1 with the offensive player attacking the middle [2]. The player shoots, grabs the ball and passes back to you [3].


Have the post attack the middle to create a higher percentage shot

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