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The Mile...In 56 Speed-Dribble Segments

The Mile…In 56 Speed-Dribble Segments

in Strength & conditioning

Jogging a mile either in multiple laps around the gym or outside on the track doesn’t simulate game conditions — use the ‘Basketball Mile’ to build endurance the right way. Why use it So much time is wasted and lost on half-speed, long-distance running in an effort to build conditioning in basketball players. Use short,... MORE

"Go Drill" works strength, ball protection

“Go Drill” works strength, ball protection

in Strength & conditioning

From Jared Curtiss, West Linn High, Oregon Give your post players extra reps in establishing position, beating double teams, attacking the middle and scoring in the lane. Why use it To help forwards and centers build their post skills, this drill simulates the speed of how a defense double-teams and what is required to hold... MORE

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