Spin The ‘Wheel,’ Confuse The Defense

Shift the defense one way, drop a low screen in the lane and free a shooter coming to the top as the opposition scrambles to cover multiple areas of the floor.

Another quick hitter out of the 4-Out Man Motion, “Wheel” starts by moving the defense closer toward the corner rather than the top, which is opposite of what you do in the previous play.

Start from the typical 4-Out Man Motion look with 1 dribbling on the right side. 4 on the opposite wing, and 2 and 3 outside the 3-point line on opposite sides between the free-throw line and the corners. The difference this time is 5 starts opposite the ball. 

1 dribbles at 2, who cuts hard backdoor looking for a pass. 4 and 3 rotate toward the ball. 2 sets a cross screen for 5. 5 cuts to the ball-side block with hands up for a post-up opportunity. 1 must keep the dribble alive during this action [diagram 1].

4 sets a down screen for 2, 4 then relocates to the left corner. 2 comes to the top for a shot opportunity [diagram 2].

If there is no shot or attack opportunity, 2 has the option to swing the ball to 3. When this happens, 3 continues ball reversal into “Zag.” 2 and 3 screen away for 1 to create balanced spacing and a possible shooting opportunity for 1 [diagram 3].

Even if there isn’t an available shot for 1, 4 has the option to pass to 1 to start the Zag actions as you get back into your main offense.

    1. As soon as 1 dribbles at 2, this signals for 2 to cut backdoor — 1 looks to pass to 2 but if it’s not available, then screens for 5

    2. 2 now comes high running off 4’s left shoulder to come free at the top for a catch-and-shoot opportunity
    3. 5 charges hard to the ball-side block providing 1 a possible post-entry-pass angle

    4. After setting this low screen for 2, 4 shifts to the weak-side corner and possibly is forgotten by the defense, which makes ball reversal a viable option
    5. 1 comes off the double screen into a shooting window on the left wing looking for a pass from 4

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