Show Strength At The Rim

The Protection Layup portion of the series teaches players how to keep the ball close yet still in a position to score on the drive

Players love putting their heads down and getting to the rim. But, rarely do they practice actually finishing the shot.

The player holds a ball at the elbow for the first portion. The player moves back for the second phase and add in a cone in the third segment.

Start with the player taking a hard dribble toward the hoop. On the dribble the player “pops” the ball off the dribble to the shoulder (this avoids the “rhythm swing” players typically use and is a better way to protect the ball). The player extends and finishes the layup. Do this five times [1]. The second phase has the player begin in triple-threat position and sweeps the ball, then attacks with a straight-line drive. Use one dribble into a protection layup. Do this five times [2]. Add a cone as a defender. Start in triple threat. Attack the middle with one hard dribble. Get cut off by the cone, dribble between the legs, attack the hoop with a protection layup. Do this five times [3].

Go at a fast pace – no walking through the motions. Have players anticipating contact while scoring at the rim.

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