Shoot on the Move

By Wes Kosel, assistant men’s coach at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, S.D.

An updated version of the 3-man weave, this drill utilizes multiple dribble attacks, passes to the wings and a ball handler who attacks the rim as the other two players take jumpers.

Why use it

Many times transition drills end with a single player scoring at the rim. In this drill, a player attacks the rim on the dribble, then the other two receive passes from coaches near mid-court for long-range jumpers meaning everyone has an opportunity to shoot on the move.

Set up

Start from a standard 3-man, full-court look with a ball in the middle line and a player stationed on each sideline. Coaches with basketballs are located on opposite sides of mid-court.

Shoot on the move image

How to play

1 passes to 2 as 2 curls toward the middle of the court. 2 uses a speed dribble to attack the middle of the floor. 1 runs behind 2. 3 sprints along the left sideline. When 2 reaches the top of the opposite arc, 2 passes to 3 [1]. On the catch, 3 attacks the middle of the floor with the dribble as 2 relocates to the left wing. 3 reaches the free-throw area and fires a pass across to 1 on the right wing [2]. 1 attacks the rim off the dribble. 3 follows the pass to the right wing and receives a pass from a coach for a shot. 2 does the same on the opposite side [3].


2 and 3 receive the passes from the coaches, square up and shoot. They then rebound and give the basketballs back to the coaches as the return to the starting position.

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