Shoot & Hustle

‘Partner Passing’ encourages shooters to hustle after their own shots as the partner sprints to a perimeter shooting spot.


Teach players to follow their own shots as they know where the ball is going better than anyone. This drill also gets players hustling and dealing with some chaos while trying to focus.


Place two sets of partners at each hoop. The under-the- hoop players are holding basketballs.


The players with the basketballs pass to their partners on the perimeter. After making the pass, the players relocate to the perimeter in preparation for the next shot [1]. On the catch, the perimeter players shoot and follow their shots at the rim [2]. Shooters grab their own rebound (while dodging the other loose ball and rebounder) and pass to the partner who has relocated on the perimeter. That player shoots as the passer moves to a different perimeter spot. The progression continues [3].



Assign shots — tell players to shoot 3-pointers, 15-footers off a ball fake and dribble, etc. Set a goal of number of made shots in a certain amount of time. Stay on players to hustle through this entire drill. They will get tired but must fight through just like it’s late in a game.

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