Reward Accuracy, Hustle

"403 Shooting" pushes players to make 40 shots in just 3 minutes while alternating sides of the floor to test their accuracy and determination.

This is a competitive drill where players are racing against the clock, and potentially a teammate to see who has the best shot.

Pair up teammates and use as many baskets in your gym as are available. One person is the shooter and the other is the rebounder. Place three minutes on the clock.

The shooter receives the initial pass at the right elbow, drives to the hoop and shoots the layup. The shooter then circles to the left elbow and receives a pass [1]. The shooter now drives from the left side of the floor, shoots the layup and continues this pattern of alternating between the left and right elbows while shooting layups until he/ she makes 10. After making 10, the shooter continues to run between the elbows but this time takes jump shots. Again, make a total of 10 and move on — this time to the wing [2]. Shoot wing jumpers from the right and left sides (alternating) until 10 are made, then move to baseline jumpers from both sides [3].

Reward Accuracy, Hustle

If no one makes 40 shots, then the player with the most in 3 minutes wins. If multiple players complete the drill, then the shortest time wins.

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