Precise Perimeter Passing

By Larry Jackson, head coach at Shamrock High School, Texas

Executing side-to-side ball reversal with just two players forces the wing to sprint before passing back to the shooter and attempting to close out.

Why use it

This drill creates a contested jumper for your shooter to work on game-like shots and also forces the drill partner to hustle to be in position to challenge the shot.

Set up

One player starts on the left wing (player 1 in this example). There are a line of players under the hoop. The first player in line (player 2 here) has a ball.

Precise Perimeter Passing

How to play

2 passes to 1, then breaks to the top of the key [1]. 1 passes to 2 at the top. 1 then runs straight across to the right wing. 2 dribbles toward the right, then passes to 1 as 1 reaches the right wing. 2 replaces himself at the top [2]. 1 then returns the pass to 2. 2 catches and shoots as 1 follows the pass and closes out. 1 challenges the shot as best as possible, then blocks out the shooter to secure the rebound [3].


After the shot, have 2 move to the left wing for the next set of actions. 1 retrieves the ball and gives it to 3, who is next in line under the hoop. 1 moves to the back of the line. 3 passes to 2 and the movements continue. If the defender doesn’t hustle for the duration of the actions, start over and make that player begin on the left wing again.