Pick A Time & Moves — Then Compete

Players decide in advance how long to make the competition and what moves to use, then shoot head-to-head to determine a winner.


Game shots are more than simply standing and shooting. Work on pull-ups, floaters and catch-and- shoots in this competitive, two-player drill.


Two players each have a ball. They decide how many minutes to play (no longer than six to eight, keep it at three to start).


In this example, the players have decided to play for three minutes. The first minute is dedicated to shooting one- dribble pull-ups. Both players shoot at the same time and rebound their own shots before returning to their side of the floor [1]. The second minute of shooting focuses on floaters from inside the free- throw line [2]. The final minute is dedicated to catch-and- shoot 3-pointers. The player tosses the ball to the side, gathers it, sets the feet and shoots the 3-pointer. Rebound the shot and race back to the perimeter [3].


Players keep track of their made shots. Most makes wins. Don’t have players spend a long time on this game as any longer than six to eight minutes and the intensity decreases. You want players competing and not simply wanting to survive the drill.

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