Shooting drills

These shooting drills present a variety of options for practising shooting, covering opposed, unopposed, team and individual drills.

In addition to our library of shooting drills you’ll find a number of games that encourage players to practice their shooting in game-situations.

Cycles Drill Fuels Fast Basketball Break

in Basketball drills and skills, Dribbling drills, Offense drills, Passing drills, Shooting drills

It’s a race against the clock to complete five full-court trips with specific basketball passing, dribbling and shooting assignments – master this and watch your fast-break offense take off WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL OFFENSE DRILL To play fast in a game, you need to play even faster in practice. Cycles allows everyone to get their hands on the ball... MORE

Penetrate & Kick for an Open Shot

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

The second of Luke Hancock’s four straight first-half 3-pointers sliced Louisville’s deficit to seven and came off a play that all teams can run WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING PLAY This play draws the defense below the 3-point line and creates an opening for the best shooter to emerge from the corner for a long-range shot from the wing. SET UP... MORE

3 Down for Basketball 3-Pointer

in Shooting drills

Leave the baseline clear to start and utilize a perfectly timed high off-the-ball screen to create a 3-point basketball scoring opportunity … or a dive to the hoop WHY USE THIS 3-POINT BASKETBALL PLAY The best basketball plays to add to a playbook include multiple options, especially those with a long-range and in-close scoring opportunity. SET UP Leave the baseline... MORE

Ball Screen and Flare

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

When your team needs a big-time, end-of-game basket, run high screening action on the perimeter to free your best shooter for a left-wing 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY At the end of games, it’s too easy for the defense to suffocate a dribbling shooter – use perimeter screens to create open shooting lanes. SET UP The player you want... MORE

Clear-Out Corner 3

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

The Miami Heat shift most of the action to the right side of the floor to allow Ray Allen an opening in the left corner for a 3-pointer WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER PLAY A perfectly executed sideline out-of-bounds play opens an area for a shooter to receive a good look at a 3-pointer. SET UP The player you want... MORE

Tray Shooting Drill

in Shooting drills

Players must focus on balance, elbow position, ball position and follow-through if they are to master the fundamentals of properly shooting a basketball Watching a Ray Allen jump shot is a thing of beauty. With the ball in his hands, Allen’s feet are shoulder-width apart to provide balance. His right foot is positioned slightly (a... MORE

1-4 Across

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

Ball reversal and pick-and-roll action create multiple scoring opportunities for teams wanting to keep the defense guessing throughout the game WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL Effective plays always yield at least a couple of options so the team isn’t left hanging if the main goal is stymied by the defense. SET UP The ball starts on the wing... MORE

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