Shooting drills

These shooting drills present a variety of options for practising shooting, covering opposed, unopposed, team and individual drills.

In addition to our library of shooting drills you’ll find a number of games that encourage players to practice their shooting in game-situations.

Draw Defense Deep, Kick Out

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Have your point guard dribble with purpose deep into the lane, drawing the defense away from the perimeter then hit the trailing inbounder for an open 3-pointer. WHY USE THIS 3-POINTER BASKETBALL PLAY Full-court game-winners usually happen quickly, which means the inbounder is forgotten. If you have a little time on your side, utilize the... MORE

Indiana’s Top-Of-Key 3-Pointer

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

After executing a handoff on the perimeter and reversing the ball, your shooter relocates to the block, receives a downscreen and comes free WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL 3-POINTER PLAY When the situation calls for a 3-pointer, this play creates space for your shooter. When Indiana played Illinois earlier this year, the Illini had just knocked... MORE

No Room For Error In 24 Drill

in Basketball drills and skills, Offense drills, Shooting drills

Misses mean sprinting while makes equate to jogging in this competitive drill to sharpen players’ shooting skills from the corners WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL Players are taking in-rhythm shots in a competitive atmosphere to simulate a game situation. SET UP Position yourself or an assistant coach under the basket with the shooter situated... MORE

Top-Of-Key 3-Pointer

in Basketball plays, Offense drills, Shooting drills

When a defense double-teams a ball handler, execute a quick pass to the screener and an extra pass to the relocating wing for an open 3-point try. WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL PLAY Many basketball teams today doubleteam the ball handler on a ball screen. This forces defenders to scramble. One extra pass allows for an open... MORE

Wing-To-Wing Shooting

in Shooting drills

Catching and shooting in rhythm requires proper footwork, hand position and flow into the shot – work on all three skills in this drill WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL You are in a better position to score when players are moving on offense. A catch and-shoot opportunity has a better chance for success rather than 1-on-1 action. SET... MORE

3-Point Game

in Basketball drills and skills, Offense drills, Shooting drills

Competition breeds success – this drill focuses on sharp shooting, hustling to close out and giving up everything to beat an opponent WHY USE THIS BASKETBALL SHOOTING DRILL Make all practice shots gamelike by utilizing a defender. Add in a level of competition so players take shooting drills seriously rather than simply going through the motions. SET UP Place two... MORE

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