Make 2 In A Row Or Stay Put

The shooter must make two consecutive shots from one position to advance to the next — the goal is to finish all seven spots before 90 seconds expire.


This is a simple, competitive drill two players can do without coach supervision. Dissuade players from just standing and shooting. Give them competitive games this offseason.


There are seven shooting locations spaced around the 3-point line. Use cones (as shown) or if players don’t
have them, just be sure they do their best to evenly space the seven spots.


The partner passes to the shooter at the first spot. The shooter takes a shot and continues to shoot from the
first spot until two straight shots are made [1]. After making consecutive shots, the shooter moves to the next spot and executes the same actions [2]. Make two from the second spot and move to the third.
Continue this progression 3 through all seven spots with focus becoming critical as a player’s legs get tired nearing the end of the drill [3].



Players have 90 seconds to complete the progression. Compete by seeing who finishes in the shortest amount of time. Switch it up by tracking total number of attempts instead of time, and the winner is who completes the drill in fewest total shots.

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