‘Layups & Mids’ Gets Plenty Of Game Shots

Show your post players the kinds of shots you want them to take in a game — lots of layups and mid-range jumpers to place them in a position to succeed.


You don’t need your big forwards and centers chucking long-distance shots from behind the arc. Leave that to your sharp-shooting guards (unless, of course, you have the rare post player who has the ability to do both). This drill shows your posts the kinds of shots they are going to get in games and must convert to be successful.


Place a cone on each wing slightly toward the middle of the floor on both side of the floor outside the 3-point line. The shooter is in the lane with a ball and a rebounding partner is under the hoop.


4 starts by taking a right-handed layup, then grabs the ball out of the net and scores a left-handed layup. After that layup, 4 doesn’t grab the ball but sprints toward the left cone and starts curling around it toward the middle of the floor [A]. 5 jumps into play and grabs the ball out of the net or off the rim. 4 comes toward the ball at the elbow. 5 passes to 4 [B]. 4 takes the mid-range jumper, tracks down the ball and starts the same actions only beginning with a left-handed layup this time [C].


1. 4 must make layups from both sides of the hoop before moving to the mid-range portion of the actions — be sure these are game-like, powerful layups and not a half-effort
2. After taking both layup chances, the player sprints around the cone on the side of the floor of the second layup — this is a sprint, not a jog


3. 4 comes toward the ball with ready hands and 5 delivers a pass for a quick catch-and-shoot opportunity in rhythm


4. Take the mid-range jumper and follow the shot to continue the actions as 4 needs to start with a left-side layup this time
5. 5 can help track down a long rebound off the mid-range jumper but hopefully the shooter is consistent so the ball isn’t rolling all over the court


Have 4 continue to run through these actions until he or she takes five mid-range shots from each side of the floor. Keep track of how many mid-range jumpers are made. Subtract a point for any layup missed. See which player scores the most.

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