‘Last Man Standing’ Tests Toughness

3 players enter, only 1 leaves the winner… and that player must battle to secure rebounds, score while being contested and shake off hard fouls to maintain concentration.

Why use it

This drill is all about toughness. It is pure mental and physical toughness. Often times a referee does not see a player get fouled or may allow a more physical game. This cannot stop your rebounding efforts. To prepare, players must prove they are tough enough to be the last man standing.

Set up

Three players of similar size and weight (if possible) set up in the paint and are facing the basket. You or an assistant coach has a ball outside the key.

‘Last Man Standing’ Tests Toughness

How to play

Shoot the ball.

All three players battle for the rebound. They are making a lot of contact as the first person who secures the ball has the advantage [1].

Once a player pulls down the rebound, now that person must find a way to score with only one dribble while the other two players try to stop him or her

The action is continuous and does not stop until one of the three players scores three baskets.

There are no fouls (besides something blatant).

The play does not stop on a make or a miss.

It only resets if the ball goes outside the paint. In that case, the ball goes back to the coach and action quickly starts again [3].


Even with constant contact and battling multiple opponents, rebounders still must use fundamentals. The key is to utilize box-out technique to create space while remaining tough to secure the ball and score three times.

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