Keeping It 100

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The goal is to score 100 points between the two players in 6 minutes with shooting from the free-throw line, as well as the wing and baseline on both sides of the floor.


Why use it


The best shooting drills get a lot of game-like shots at the rim. This drill accomplishes that by having players pair up at each hoop, then shoot in 30-second intervals for six total minutes while trying to reach 100 points.


Set up


Players are paired up at each hoop. Players are going to shoot from the free-throw line, wing and baseline. If you need to place a cone near each spot, do so to act as a visual for the shooters.


Keeping It 100

How to play


The first player begins shooting at the free-throw line while the second player rebounds.

After 30 seconds, the rebounder moves to the free-throw line and shoots.

After 30 more seconds, 1 leaves the rebounding position and moves to the wing [1].

1 shoots for 30 seconds on the wing, then players switch again [2]

Finish on this side with both players shooting for 30 seconds along the baseline [3].

Keep the drill going by having 1 move back to the free-throw line, then continue the actions on the left side of the floor.




Award 1 point for free throws made and two points for any shot inside the arc from the wing or baseline. Players have the option to step behind the arc and those are worth 3. The goal is to score 100 points before the six minutes expire. If it’s too easy, increase the points, or if it’s too difficult, then decrease them.

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