‘Kansas’ Action Sets Up Open Jumper

Your shooting guard begins deep on the right side of the floor and eventually ends up almost in the same spot with an open mid-range jumper.


Defenses tend to forget about the initial screener. Run this play off another screen and set up an open shot. The rolling second screener also may be open heading to the hoop.


1 is dribbling on the right side. 2 is in the ball-side corner. 5 starts on the ball- side block with 4 at the top of the set and 3 spaced on the left wing.


2 curls around 5 and sets a back screen for 4 [1]. 4 uses the screen, which places the defense in a tough spot as 2’s defender typically has to hedge back to prevent a lob. 5 moves up the lane and immediately after setting the initial screen, 2 uses a screen from 5 to curl back to the ball side [2]. Make the pass to 2 for the shot as 5 rolls to the hoop [3].



After hedging back initially, 2’s defender now has to find away to get over the top of 5’s screen to shut down the screen-the-screener action, which is difficult to do based on how much space there is to cover. If 5’s defender helps defend 2 after that screen is set, 1 looks to pass directly to 5, or 2 catches and passes to 5 on the roll.

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