Fast-paced drill for quality shots

Why use this shooting drill

  • Work on shooting, closing out and following your shot in this fast-paced drill designed for players looking for a competitive way to get a lot of quality shots
  • When three players want a shooting workout beyond simply tossing uncontested jumpers at the rim, encourage them to use this drill during the offseason.

Set up

  • 1 starts with a ball outside the lane on the right side.
  • 2 starts with a ball under the hoop.
  • 3 starts outside the lane on the left side of the floor (no ball).

How to play

  • 1 shoots and follows his or her own shot
  • On the shot, 2 passes to 3.
  • 2 closes out on 3 as 3 prepares to shoot [1].
  • 3 takes the shot and follows it.
  • 1 has rebounded his or her own initial shot [2].
  • 3 rebounds his or her own shot.
  • 1 passes to 2 and closes out as 2 prepares to shoot [3].
  • All subsequent shots are coming from the left side of the floor.
  • Switch to the opposite side when running this drill again.

Here’s a simple diagram for setting up this drill

Fast-paced drill for quality shots

How to perfect the technique for this shooting drill

  • Remind players of this simple process: 1 always passes to 2. 2 always passes to 3. 3 always passes to 1.
  • Have players compete as a team to make20 shots in the fastest time or individually with the first player making seven shots winning.
  • Either way adds a level of competitiveness to the drill and keeps players focused.
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