Execute Double Screen For Top-Of-Key 3

In this final play of the series, your wing moves low, then splits a double screen set by two elbow players for a top-of-the-key 3-pointer vs. man defense.


When your shooters are better skilled coming off screens rather than creating off the dribble, use this play to gain separation and an open look at the top of the set.


Start in a 1-4 High set. This play is run again a man defense.


The point dribbles at the right-wing player, who is your shooter. The right wing relocates to the near block giving the look he/she is going to continue low through the lane [A]. The two elbow players pinch into the lane (close the gate) leaving just enough room for the shooter to squeeze through en route to the set’s top.

The point guard stops the dribble, pivots left and fires a pass back toward the top [B]. The shooter catches and fires a shot in rhythm before a defender has a chance to recover [C].


1. The shooter cuts hard to the post but gives the impression he/she is going to move through the lane to push the defense toward the weak side
2. The point dribbles hard at the wing, which signifies the shooter needs to relocate low in the set


3. Leave enough room for the shooter to squeeze through while closing the gap and picking off any potential close-out defenders
4. The point stops, pivots and fires a pass to get the ball into the shooter’s hands before the defense recovers


5. On the catch, the shooter takes the open 3-pointer without hesitation


The screeners wait for the shooter to make the high move through the lane. If they pinch in too early, it allows the defense to read the movements, slip the screens and flood the perimeter, which eliminates the open 3-point shot.

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