‘Drag’ & Drop Multiple Scoring Chances

Start with a handoff on the wing, which leads into a drag screen and allows your offense to attack the middle of the lane as the defense can’t cover it all.


This play creates a lot of traffic near the right wing, which causes the defense to have a hard time to know where the ball is going and to cover all the options springing from the initial handoff and screen action.


1 has the ball at the top shifted to the right side. 2 is in the right corner. 3 is in the left corner. 5 is on the right block and 4 is following the action up the floor and is running up on the opposite side of 1.


1 dribbles toward 2 as 2 elevates out of the corner. 1 and 2 are about to execute a handoff on the right wing [1]. 1 hands to 2. On the handoff, 4 sprints toward the right wing to set the drag ball screen for 2. 2 uses the screen to start attacking the middle of the floor. 5 is posting up in case 2 wants a quick option to the post [2]. Once 2 approaches the middle the floor, 5 shifts to the other block, which allows 4 to roll to the hoop. 1 flares a little deeper on the wing [3].


1. 1 dribbles at 2 and 2 comes high so they are close enough so defenders can’t break up the handoff but have just enough room so it’s a clean exchange


2. 4 sprints into drag-screen position and sets the screen for 2 on the attack as 2’s defender tries to catch up (or on a switch, 1’s defender trying to stop 2)
3. 1 places the ball close to the midsection of 2 as 2 has hands ready to grab the ball, then start the dribble attack with the left-hand dribble


4. 2 uses the step or two advantage on the defense to attack the middle of the lane, which leads to an easy scoring chance
5. 4 rolls and if both defenders try to slow the ball handler, then 4 comes free for an easy layup


2 either continues attacking toward the hoop for a high-percentage opportunity or hits 4 on the roll. 1 also may be open on the wing for a 3-pointer if the defense collapses. 3 stays in the corner for the duration to keep a defender occupied away from the ball.

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