Cover The Court With ‘40 In 3 Drill’

Knock down shots from all over the floor in this competitive drill pitting paired players against each other to make 40 specified shots in 3 minutes … or advance as far as possible.

Why use it

Adding a competitive element to any shooting drill makes it more effective for your players. Plus, as with any shooting drills you incorporate into your program, you want players taking a lot of shots rather than simply standing.

Set up

Use cones to mark off each elbow, opposite wings and opposite baseline areas from which to shoot. Use the drill enough and you may not need to mark off the spots once players are accustomed to the spots. Pair players at each basket. Place three minutes on the clock.Cover The Court With ‘40 In 3 Drill’

How to play

The shooter starts at the right elbow.

The rebounder makes the pass.

Now, the shooter drives and takes a right-side layup, then shifts to the other elbow, receives a pass and makes a left-side layup [1].

Make 10 layups and move to elbow jumpers and run through the same actions.

Take a shot, move to the elbow on the opposite side [3].

Make 10 elbow jumpers and move to the wing, and finish with baseline jumpers — only moving from wing to baseline after making 10 from the wing spots [3].


The shooter does not have to make 10 at each cone, just 10 total layups, elbow shots, wing jumpers and baseline shots. If the player finishes in fewer than 3 minutes, mark the time. If the player doesn’t, record where he or she finished, such as 2 baseline jumpers). Fastest time or furthest point wins.

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