‘Continuous Curl’ Creates Lots Of Shots

Teach shooters how to move from low to high while curling through the lane toward the opposite elbow while also having them follow their shots to create game-like movements.


Players love standing around and shooting long-distance shots, but those are not the kinds of shots you are going to get in a game. More likely, to get open shots, players are going to need to sprint, curl and catch on the move.


A couple of forwards start with basketballs on opposite sides of the floor. Place a couple of assistant coaches on opposite wings. The shooters start near opposite blocks.


4 and 5 pass to the coaches on their sides of the floor. As they do, 1 and 2 begin curling up from the blocks and around the cone positioned at the free throw line. When 1 and 2 begin to reach the elbows, they receive passes from the coaches on their respective sides of the floor [A]. On the catch, 1 and 2 take the shots in rhythm, then follow their shots [B]. 1 and 2 grab their own rebounds, pass to the forwards on their sides of the floor, then run to the back of the opposite line from which they started. The actions continue with the next set of shooters curling around the cone [C].


1. Have the forwards practice throwing perfect kick-out passes to the perimeter as these are the types of passes they are going to make in a game
2. As 2 approaches the elbow and catch the ball, 2 wants to land with the left foot on the catch, square and shoot in rhythm


3. After taking the shot, the shooters follow their shots to grab the rebounds


4. Throw the outlet pass to the forward on this side of the floor, then get to the back on the opposite line from which the shooter started
5. The actions are continuous so as soon as the pass is made to the forward, the next shoot needs to be curling hard around the cone


Teach shooters to catch and pivot off the foot opposite of the elbow for which they are approaching. For example, in these diagrams, 2 comes up through the lane and catches the ball with the left foot established as the pivot foot at the right elbow, which makes it easier to square into the shot.

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